80G - 12A Registration
80G - 12A Registration Consultant in Delhi
Once your NGO is registered, this is a good benefit for you to get the 80G-12A Registration which means Income of the society shall not be taxable. 80G Registration means Donor can claim exemption. It is ONE time registration. You can instead get benefits in taking grants from Govt./Abroad/ other Agencies.
01. PAN Card of Society/Trust/Section-8 Company
02. Copy of Trust Deed/MOA with COI
03. PAN Card settlor/President
04. Address Proof of Settlor/President
05. Original MOA/Trust Deed.
06. PAN Card Settlor/President
07. Address Proof of Settlor/President
08. PAN Card of All Members.
09. Address Proof of All Members.
10. Profile of All Members (In our Format).
11. Bank Statements of Trust/Society.
12. ITR Last 3 Year along with Balance sheet, if any
13. Supporting Evidence of Activities.
14. Electricity Bill of Regd. Office. 
15. List of Current Active Members, if any change in Members.
16. Donation Details, if any.
17. Email & Mobile of All members.
18. Electricity Bill of Regd. Office.
19. Bills/Vouchers of Expenses incurred by NGO.
20. Photos/Newspapers cutting etc. of Activities, if any 
21. 10 Letterheads, if available.
22. Rubber Stamp, if available.