Company Registration
Company Registration in Delhi
Procedures to company registration in Delhi ncr
In India, Companies Act 1956 governs the inception of companies at any location. It is a significant legislation in India that contributes to empower the central government to control & regulates the incorporation, functioning, financing and shutting down of companies. This legislation is applicable for all types of companies across India. But it isn't applicable for educational institutions, co-operative societies and scientific organizations.

If you are looking for company registration in Delhi NCR, then there are two different ways you can get your company registered here. Either you can get professional assistance from a well established company to avoid procedural hassle or you can choose to register it online.

Hiring a company is a smart and appropriate idea as they follow the same documentation & procedure and help you to save your valuable time. Let's see the procedures followed by the companies:
Required Document:
Every company owner must have PAN card issued by Income Tax department as identification proof. It is also essential to have an address proof with his or her name.
Finding the Right Name for the Company:
They conduct the precise name search to find a unique and suitable name for your organization. The name shouldn't be identical with any company registered already. After finding the right name application for registration is submitted.
Free Acceptance
You have to pay a part of the full payment to initiate the procedure. Payment can be accepted from cash, cheque or online transfer.
Digital signature and Application of DIN:
After collecting and preparing the document, they try to get the signature of the promoters at one go.
Application for the Approval of Name:
When the DIN gets approved, it is the time to frame the major object of the company for Promoters’ approval. After Promoters’ approval, the application for the approval of company name is forwarded to registrar.
Preparing the final document of incorporation:
Along with document, E-Forms, Articles of Association (AOA) and Memorandum of Association (MOA) are also prepared by the professional for company incorporation.
Final Process:
After successful completion of the documentation processes, the agency offers you a file containing entire required documentation prepared for company formation along with digital signatures and DIN papers.
ROC (register of companies) issues Certificate of Incorporation after receiving the satisfactory review from the registrar about the procedure and the documentation.
And, if you choose to go online, then you have to follow these procedures:
Required Documents:
Duly stamped copy of Declaration of compliance, notice of the exact location, identity & address proof of the employer, authority executed on a non-judicial stamp paper and the ROC’s letter are some of the important document needed for online registration.
Tax Registration:
The business must have a tax identification card (PAN) and number that proves it liability for the tax. PAN and the TAN must be mentioned on all the documents and returns and communication mails or message filed with the Revenue Department.
Fee Submission:
The amount of fees to be submitted depends on the nominal capital of the company that is being registered. You can pay the free through credit card, postal order, demand draft, challan etc.

You can make choice as per your convenience and economical strength. Hiring a professional company is somewhat expensive than registering online, but they aid you to save your effort and time.